The Key to Manifestation

I am a therapist and a life coach and manifestation is often discussed with my clients, especially during my coaching sessions.  Manifestation has become a very popular word over the years and when many people think about manifestation they tend to think about manifesting as something that you dream up and will into your existence by just having positive thoughts.  Well I am here to tell you that manifestation is action based.  That’s right action based. 

Manifestation is all about approaching your goals with positive energy, having clear vision, and taking the right action steps.  In other words, is what you want and the way that you live your life in alignment with each other?  If you say that you want to lose 10lbs, but your diet consists of fast foods and sugars, chances are, what you say you want and what you are doing are not in alignment.  It’s actually counterproductive and no matter how many positive thoughts you have about weight loss, until your vision and actions are in alignment, you will not be able to manifest the body that you want. 

Well the same goes for everything else in this life.  Manifestation is about having a clear vision for your life, allowing that vision to dictate your decision making and approaching these behaviors with positive energy.  That’s why vision boards are so powerful.  Vision boards are a visual representation of what you are manifesting.  Your vision board serves as a constant reminder of your goals.  Your vision board is there to remind you of your reason why?

Adulting (yes, I know this is not an actual word), often means having a lot going on at any given time (parenting, bills, relationships, career, school, etc…), which makes it very easy to get derailed from our vision.  Therefore; we can all benefit from constant reminders about our goals and having a vision board can do just that.

Placing your goals in writing using a manifestation journal is another great way to help you manifest.  A manifestation journal can provide you with prompts that enable you to think about your goals, gain clarity and put steps in place to pursue your goals. 

Manifestation doesn’t have to be hard, but it definitely requires more effort than just positive thought.  In order to bring your vision to fruition, you must believe in yourself and your capabilities, which means rewiring the way you think and the way you see yourself.  Manifestation is a very intentional act.  You must believe that you are capable of making your vision your reality, let go of any limitations that you place on yourself and get out of your own way.

In order for you to manifest, personal growth will be required.  I encourage you to build a support system for yourself along your life’s journey.  Do not try to accomplish your goals alone.  Some of the most highly accomplished people in this world maintain multiple coaches and mentors at all times, because they understand the value of having support.  Having the support of professionals who specialize in your areas of required growth can save you a lot of time and energy.

A clear vision + action steps + consistency + positive energy = Manifestation


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