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Come Join Us and See Just How Good Life Can Get!

hey girl...
it's time for you to stop sleep walking through life because there is so much more for yoU!

have you struggled with being:

Tired & Underwhelmed

When you find success but not the happiness it can leave you feeling empty and confused.

Feeling Appreciated..

When you don't get back the love, consideration and effort you give to others and you are left wondering why?

Just Plain Worn out

When you find yourself stuck in the same spin cycle of life over and over again. The people and places change but you somehow are presented with the same struggles.

stay motivated, sustain the healthy habits to maximize your manifesting power.

adopt new habits & perspectives that will OPEN you UP THE PROSPECT OF EXPERIENCING TRUE HAPPINESS.

how to define life goals in a way that leads to balance & better commitment to the best version of you!

how to Foster better Relationships that provides shared fulfillment in life. 

the art of self-awareness.Being fully aware of your impact, your flaws, strengths, and unique personality 

When you join the Manifest-HER Experience you will learn...

I am more at ease because I am no longer worried about accomplishments but instead maintaining peace, I have felt more confident with being able to achieve the goals that I discussed during group because they are SMART and contribute to where I want to be in the future.

I have more clarity on how I would like to improve various aspects of my life...

- Sobrel

"What I liked most about this course was that it was able to help me with steps to achieving my goals
If you need assistance pursuing a goal, this course may be right for you!"

And then everything changed.

i received Clarity, confidence and motivation

- S. Ann

If you ready to flip the script on your life and be intentional with the pursuit of the true fulfillment of your heart's desire... come join me! I'll show you how!!!

The Manifest-Her Experience

I totally get being on the fence about joining a course that offers the potential of changing your life. Truth is the Manifest-Her Experience is NOT a magic bullet.... meaning it will NOT work unless you do! If you are committed to achieving your next level, you can join worry free with our money back guarantee!

What if I join and realize this course isn't right for me?

The long and short answer is NO! Any 1-on1 coaching and or counseling can be available upon request by emailing

will i get 1-on-1 coaching time with you?

To get the full benefit of the course it is extremely important that you show up for yourself. Although call recordings are made available, it is highly encouraged that you show up each week for the live calls.

what if i can't join the calls live?

Absolutely! We offer a 3 month payment plan that can be setup to auto-pay from your account the beginning of each month with the card of your choice. If you need to adjust your payment method during the course, no worries. Just email, our support team and we will update as needed.

can i pay over time?

We meet weekly but the schedule may be adjusted as needed as it relates to the needs of the group as a majority. Schedules will not be adjusted or altered based on individual basis.

How long will we meet & how often?

No! However, you will be asked to participate and/or complete activities that require various levels of self led tasks on your own. These tasks are very reflective in nature and are essential to the Manifest-Her Experience.

is this a self led course?


"It’s extremely important to pour into yourself in order to fulfill your purpose." 

what participants have to say...

"The course gave me points to reflect on throughout the week."

"I loved creating my own vision and determining habits to make them more real!"

Imagine 3 months from now you have the tools to intentionally redirect your life as yo see fit?? I mean like magic you have clarity like never before led by a a sense of purpose and you are able to instantly see when you are getting off course?

If you had to guess how much would that life skill be worth??? The biggest part of this investment is that you show up and commit to yourself and the process and to the group of women that are seeking their next level. The price of entry to show you've got some skin in the game is....

so how much is this thing gonna cost me???

now $197