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Are you in alignment to attract the things you desire most?

Helping women get the things they want most out of life, like love respect and better relationships is my passion and lifelong mission.

As a licensed therapist and self love advocate, I have created The Manifest-Her Experience, a group coaching experience guiding women to become bolder, braver, happier versions of themselves.

If you are a woman who wants to do more, be more and achieve more happiness and fulfillment in life, then you are in the right place.

The Manifest-Her Experience will help you recapture the power you have over your life and start leveling up to create a life you LOVE.

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Change your mind and change your life with emotional intelligence tools to help you vibrate higher... allowing you to do more, achieve more and be more!

Identify optimal ways for loving yourself as well as being loved. Most of all learn to communicate those needs with the important people in your life.

Identify what you want your life to look like beyond the Instagram posts and through the public lens of the world.

A 90 day group coaching experience for women


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 “Working with Noderea, I was able to realize my visions can be a reality & putting in the work, my dreams can be limitless!! 

-S. Ann

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